About Us

Executive Nutrition is a results-focused company with a single mission: help entrepreneurs optimize their brain & body for business success.
As successful entrepreneurs, Clint Wallace and Alex Hartsuff saw first hand the enormous impact physical health had on their business results.

"When I first started in Entrepreneurship I thought it was all about constant grinding, unlimited will power and just forcing yourself to do the work--which absolutely did not work for me. What I found was that it wasn't until I started taking my health seriously and made the decision to optimize my body & brain for my business that I actually saw tremendous success." 
-Clint Wallace, 7-Figure Amazon Seller

Your brain is the single driver of your business--would you fill a Lamborghini with low quality gas? If the answer is no, you should treat yourself the same way.
You are a super car, and if you don't perform proper maintenance and treat yourself with respect, you can never expect to perform at the highest level. 
Entrepreneurship and building a business is hard enough. Don't stack the deck against yourself and make it even more difficult to succeed.

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